Bride and groom send ‘tacky’ wedding invites calling guests ‘fat’ and ‘lazy’

Bride and groom send ‘tacky’ wedding invites calling guests ‘fat’ and ‘lazy’

We’ve all heard horror stories about picture-perfect weddings that haven’t quite gone to plan – but sometimes, even the people who strive for a laid-back ceremony can take things too far.

That’s the experience guest had when they received an invite to their cousin’s wedding along with a card of information she needed to know before the big day.

The bride and groom listed information about dietary requirements and dress codes, but every section on the card – titled “S*** you need to know” – was filled with expletives and insults.

The card reads: “Dietary requirements: Eat what you’re given, you fat f***.

“Wedding gifts: If you wanted to give us a wedding gift, a contribution to our honeymoon would be perfect.

“Dress code: Wear whatever the f* you want – go butt f* naked for all we care.

“Children: Leave your little s* at home. We want to get f*ed up. (We will turn you away).

“Hotels: Google it you lazy f***.

“Taxis: See above.

“Parking: Follow the f*ing directions we gave you, dumba.

“Questions: Check the f***ing website.”

The Reddit user posted the picture of the card alongside a title which read: “My cousin sent this along with her wedding invitations … I will not be in attendance.”

The post was also labelled as “tacky”, and received over 1,000 comments from people who slammed the couple for their “attempt at humour”.

One user wrote: “I never understand this kind of thing. We get it, you’re the cool couple who doesn’t care about formalities. It’s just so aggressively far over the line.”

While another said: “I can’t help but feel like it’s just an attempt at some humour. Probably not for everyone, but that’s definitely what’s going on here.”

And a third added: “So much cringe. Trying far too hard to be cool.”

Not everyone was against the couple though, as one user said: “I don’t hate it. It wouldn’t stop me from attending. I would have higher hopes for an open bar.”