Mum gives birth to 11lb baby without pain relief and says it ‘hurts like hell’

Mum gives birth to 11lb baby without pain relief and says it ‘hurts like hell’

You don’t have to be a mum to know that giving birth is no easy task, and quite frankly, any person who gives birth to a child of any size deserves superhero status.

But, while the average baby weighs in at around 7.5lbs at birth, one mum has told how she gave birth to an absolute whopper of a baby, weighing in at 11lbs, without the help of an epidural or pain relief.

Chasity Ward, who goes by the name of Craft Mom on TikTok, responded to a call out asking for mums to announce the weight of their big babies – and it’s fair to say Chasity didn’t have much competition.

“Y’all want to see a big baby? Here’s a big a** baby I pushed out no epidural all because I’m allergic and it hurt like hell,” she said a in a clip, before showing off pictures of her little girl, who she gave birth to at 41 weeks.

“These are all taken when we were in the hospital, she was way bigger than they thought and I’m tiny.”

“Girl I am hurting for you!!!!” one follower commented, while another added: “Girly, you are one tough woman!”

When one of Chasity’s followers commented to say she ‘wins,’ the young mum responded: “My dad was 14 pounds, I think that’s why my kids are so big man lol, I’m tiny and my mum is tiny.”

In a follow up video, she explained that doctors had initially told her that her daughter would be a small baby, and she was ordered to be on bed rest and have regular scans all throughout her pregnancy.

You are one superwoman, Chasity.